Born in London, England, Suzanne came to Miami, Florida in 1980 and promptly obtained her Real Estate License. Loving the real estate industry, Suzanne turned her attention to Mortgage Banking, becoming a Loan Closer, Underwriter, Post Closing Auditor, then Assistant Vice President of the Secondary Market Mortgage Securities Division of AmeriFirst Federal Savings and Loan. Suzanne then joined Bank Atlantic in the early 1990’s as Vice President of the Mortgage Servicing Division, which included post auditing, security document (original Notes and documents) vault management, mortgage payment processing, escrow analysis, preparation of security backed transfers.

During the banking industry turmoil of the late 80’s through early 90’s Suzanne also contracted with The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) to audit bank mortgage assets in receivership.

After Bank Atlantic tenure, Suzanne obtained a Mortgage Broker License in the mid 1990’s and opened her own company in Weston, FL. This allowed Suzanne to become proficient in first listing then finding properties for her clients, and naturally providing them with their financing!

During challenging times in real estate Suzanne’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to also own and operate several retail businesses including antiques and design (passions of hers) as well as a high end ladies consignment (another passion!) and eventually a successful online website in the hospitality industry supplying boutique hotels with exclusive personal amenities.

Suzanne’s extensive real estate and administrative knowledge have culminated in the position of Operations Manager at Ambassador Realty Corp. having worked closely with Sally Kimball for three years in the administration and management of Sally’s retail ventures.