We’d like to share with you our vision of HOME and where the Grateful part affects all of us!
November is always a month that reminds me of “HOME”. The word, the feeling, the place where we start all the traditional holidays, the place that is just starting to give a hint of the cold to come.
Home seems to be defined not by only in our minds, but by all of our senses…the smell of Mom’s pot roast cooking for dinner. The funky odor of the wet dogs coming in from a run in the rain and shaking themselves off. The picture of Dad’s face as he takes that first precious sip of coffee in the morning and Mom tastes her first drop of wine at night. The comforting thump of the dryer as your sneakers hit the drum every go-around. The feel of the fresh sheets on your bed at the end of a long day. The comfy old plaid wool throw at the end of the couch for long tv night endings. The whap of the morning paper hitting the front door at 5:30 and the innumerable sights, sounds, smells, taste and touch of all things that are cozy, comfortable, predictable and, well, just remind you of home.
And that’s why HOME is important. At Ambassador Realty Corp., it matters WHERE YOU LIVE but it also matters HOW YOU LIVE.
Not all people are blessed with a conventional family dynamic where one or both parents work, kids go to school and maybe daycare or after school activities, dinners are times of mostly coordinated chaos and breakfast is a messy, shouting race against time for school buses, car pools and trains.
Much in life is destined to take you away from HOME… your secure sanctuary where you feel protected, safe, warm, and can calm down and think problems through. From an unrealistic viewpoint, HOME becomes an ethereal dream of a place where everything and everyone is perfect. No body fights, siblings are kind and sweet, moms and dads never argue, money is never a problem, food magically appears for every meal and all good things that are supposed to happen in life begin their journey right here at home. With your family, or other people close to you, Home offers the security and safety of a private environment where no one ever sees the BAD parts of someone’s homelife.
In true reality, it’s the place where you just MIGHT live some of the magic of a dream home with a grain of patience, a millimeter of intelligence, a tiny bit of kindness, the smallest amount of forgiveness and the most humor and laughter that you can conjure up.
A house can change into a HOME with a modicum of effort from all the inhabitants. Kindness and respect go a long way. Chilling out can defuse all sorts of potential problems, little acts of love are touching, don’t cost money and are given from the heart. Extra help when needed will always be appreciated and the gratitude will be remembered forever.
So, while we at Ambassador Realty Corp. knows that WHERE YOU LIVE MATTERS, we just want to remind you HOW YOU LIVE MATTERS EVEN MORE!

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!
We All Have a Lot to be Thankful For!