Mayor’s final State of City: West Palm positioned as ‘world class city on the rise’

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In her final State of the City (West Palm Beach) address, Mayor Jeri Muoio decreed “The state of the city, our city, is good, very good.”  While you may or may not agree, the city has made incredible progress in the eight years since the Mayor took office in 2011—at the height of the recession and [...]

Developers take lead on push for working class housing in Gardens

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The city planners of Palm Beach Gardens are working with developers to build much needed “Workforce Housing”.  CREDITS: By Sarah Peters Published in the Palm Beach Post  |   January 17, 2019 Developers of two Palm Beach Gardens housing projects are making payments, and one has proposed building apartments for working people at the corner of PGA [...]

Housing prices to cool, not crash, in Palm Beach County

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CREDITS: By Jeff Ostrowski Published in the Palm Beach Post  |  Jan 4, 2019   During Palm Beach County’s real estate recovery, home prices moved in one direction — up, up and up some more. The robust rebound brought stability back to the housing market, washed away a flood of foreclosures and spurred builders to begin constructing homes. [...]

Building Boom Takes Over Palm Beach County

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CREDITS: By Jeff Ostrowski Published in the Palm Beach Post |  Dec 31, 2018 We thought you might like this article by Jeff Ostrowski of the Palm Beach Post, re-printed on December 31st, 2018. Click on the blue highlights to see further information. By some measures, Palm Beach County’s economy was firing on all cylinders in 2018. [...]

Breakers affiliate pays $20 million for its portion of Palm Beach development, deed shows

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CREDITS: By Darrell Hofheinz Published in the Palm Beach Daily News  |  Jan 4, 2019   A recently launched — and very slick — website is promoting the charms of the newly named Royal Poinciana Palm Beach, the mixed-use redevelopment project that just broke ground at the east end of Royal Poinciana Way. The website,, includes information about Palm Beach’s historic Main [...]

ONE WEST PALM – 550 Quadrille Blvd.

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Artist Rendering from Schmidt Nicols Wonderful news to announce on the West Palm Beach downtown real estate market! Jeff Greene, a prominent local developer, is starting to build One West Palm, a 30-story twin tower project that will feature offices, hotels rooms and approximately 325 apartments.   There are several other real estate projects in the [...]

Focus On Palm Beach

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It’s hard for the average person to understand the enormous amount of money that has been spent on real estate in the small Town of Palm Beach in this past year.   In an article from the Nov. 25, 2018 Palm Beach Daily News, some of the biggest transactions are discussed. Click Here   If [...]

Looking for Seasoned Agents

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Ambassador Realty Corp. is actively looking for seasoned agents to add to our company. We specifically are interested in agents that have a following and specialize in particular areas. With our 80% commission, no fee policy, our membership in both the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches and the Palm Beach MLS, we offer a boutique realty experience, [...]

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