Charity Partner: SD Gunner Fund

Sally met Fieldy and his handler, Nick Carearas, several years ago when she helped reunite soldier and dog as a “forever family”. Sally keeps in touch with both Nick, Fieldy and Fieldy’s new human mom, sister and brother. “It is such a privilege to be able to contribute emotionally and financially and do something so meaningful for Nick, his family and Fieldy. They have become part of my family”!

Fieldy won the Military Dog Category for this year’s Hero Dog Awards and here is what Nick wrote about his life with Fieldy (who was, by the way, promoted to Sergeant!)



Sponser: K-9 Courage Program from Zoetis
Location: McAllen, Texas


Sgt. Fieldy is an 11yr old black lab with a heart and energy of a 3yr old that
served in the U.S. Marine Corps and retired in August 2014. I, his handler,
CPL Nicolas, met him in South Carolina and was part of a group of
specialized units formed to combat the number one threat in Afghanistan, the
effects of the IED when a vehicle struck a pressure plate during a patrol and
injured the occupants in the MATV. Knowing that we were both targets for
insurgent observers, we worked tirelessly to detect explosives. He alerted me
and found yet another IED, a 60lb plastic barrel containing homemade
explosives. During our deployment, he found several more IEDs and their
components which helped save countless of lives during our tour.
Afterdeployment, he was taken back for refitting and training and I returned
home. I later found out that Fieldy deployed two more times to Afghanistan
and continued to find more IEDs and save hundreds of more lives. After
serving 4 tours, on Aug. 7, 2014, with the help of American Humane
Association, I was finally able to adopt him. Since then he has very much
enjoyed his retirement. In Nov. 2014 he participated in the Veterans Day
Parade in NYC. He has made a life changing impact to my life. He is my hero!